MJH proudly announce The Phantom of the Opera – An amateur youth group production

I take great pleasure in announcing that MJH Productions have now secured the rights for Andrew Lloyd Webbers brilliant musical……..

The Phantom of the Opera – An amateur youth group production.’

We are of-course hugely excited about this show. It is classic and an epic piece of Musical Theatre at it’s finest.

Some of you I know have already performed in MJH Productions shows, we staged Les Miserables school edition and Miss Saigon school edition over the last couple of years. They are huge shows, that play to around audiences of 1,500 people and run for 5 performances.

We built helicopters for our previous production of Miss Saigon and I now have a technical team who will be building a boat for the show and huge moving chandeliers as-well as The Phantom’s underground lair and recreating The Paris Opera House – The Opera Populaire…….this will be a stunning production.

Choreography by Andrew Williams, direction by Matthew Hewitt and Jade Goswell, musical supervision by Lee Harvey and Production Design by Howell Thomas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information by email at perform@gapa.me or by mobile 07957 567507.

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